Hot Season:
120RMB per person( from Mar to Nov)

Low Season:
60 RMB per person ( from Dec to Feb)
Free Ticket:
military staff with military certificate, retired person with certificate, person older than 65 with Identity Card, and children below 1.3m high.
Half Discount Ticket:
student with certificate, the disabled with certificate, person older than 60 with identity card¡£
Transportation Fee in the Scenic Spots: 60RMB per person
Children below 1.3m is free of transportation fee
the ticket we sold is through ticket, you can visit all places with one ticket. The ticket is acceptable within 2 days. The ticket need to be checked in every scenic area, like mountain gate, Red Stone Gorge, Tanpu Gorge, Cornel Peak, Wanshou Temple etc. you can visit every place only once. Baijia Cliff is under construction. Please arrange your schedule beforehand.

The time of transportation fee validity is 2 days. Dial propaganda department(0391£­7709300) for more information.