Situated in Xiuwu county, Henan province, Yuntai Mountain is among the first group of world geology park, and it is the only scenic spots combines many names together in Henan province, like national tourist attraction, national AAAAA grade scenic spots, national geology park, national forest park, national water conservancy tourist attraction, national macaque protection zone, national first group natural heritage. Covering an are of 240sqm, the scenic spots is composed of many sightseeing places, such as Tanpu Gorge, Quanpu Gorge, Red Stone Gorge, Zifang Lake, Macaque Valley etc.


Covered with luxuriant original forest, Yuntai Mountain has several deep valleys and ponds, myriad waterfalls and springs, picturesque perilous cliffs and peaks, which compose the unique scenery of Yuntai Mountain. Yuntai Mountain is famous for its grotesque hill, which extends as far as eyes can see. The main peak, Cornel Peak, is 1308m above the sea level. Standing on the chilly top, with Taihang Mountain to the north, Huaichuan Plain to the south, you can fully understand the lines,

Viewing from the skyscraping cliff, other mountains resemble to dwarf.
Yuntai Mountain is famous for its water scenery, with a spring in every 3 steps, a waterfall in every 5 steps, a pond in every 10 steps. Yuntai Waterfall, the highest in the state with the drop in level of 314m, resembles to the skyscraping pillar. Tianmen Waterfall, White Dragon Waterfall, Yellow Dragon Waterfall, Y-shaped Waterfall form the unique scenery of the area. Duokong Spring, Pearl Spring, Yulie Spring, Bright Moon Spring are clean and sweet, making you reluctant to return. The Blue Dragon Gorge named as the first gorge of Central Plain is an ecology attraction for its unique phenomena, rich water resource and original forest.

Yuntai Mountain is the resort of poets. Wangwei, poet of Tang Dynasty, wrote the famous lines on the Cornel Peak,
One misses relatives the most in the holiday.
Bai Juyi(poet of Tang Dynasty), once wrote a few lines to eulogize the mountain,
Moon is dim in cloudy weather,
Taihang Mountain is really lofty and splendid.
Long since have I heard its steep,
only today can I experience it.
Tablet inscriptions of famed poets are exhibited here and they add cultural meaning to the mountain.

Yuntai Mountain gains its name from history. Xiandi, Emperor of Han Dynasty, had left the resort terrace and the tomb base here. It had been the secluded place of seven Bamboo Forest Sages of the Wei and the Jin Period. Medicine King, Sun Simiao, once collected Chinese medicine here. Many historical stories are spreading in the area related to some fames once visited here.